Prouille FC News - 27th August 2014

Hola Footy Fans, 

Some house keeping points for your attention:  

* Team photos - please urgently send any outstanding photos to Irene (irene@hollywoodforhire.com.au);  
* Gala Day -  Sadly the Gala Day has been cancelled for this year due to the state of the grounds - a serious disappointment! This is the first time Gala Day has been washed out since 1996 and only the second time in 28 years. This is the first time Girls Gala Day has ever been cancelled.  
* Presentation Day on Sunday 14th Sept in conjunction with the Holy Name Parish Picnic: Always a fun day out for the whole family, and a day for Managers and Coaches to return both jerseys and training kits (so please collect those jerseys in the meantime).  

Looking forward -  Prouille FC are hoping to start an AA (All Age) ladies team for 2015. Ideally if you, your friend, or your neighbour are over 16 and miss playing football or wish to get involved in a new team and think you can make a difference then now is the time to register your interest. Please contact Steven (HeadCoach@prouillesoccer.com.au).  

That's all for now!  

Michael Trinder

President, Prouille FC  
Mo: 0406 753 029, President@prouillesoccer.com.au  

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