Significant Achievements

Year Achievements
1997 First Year O35s, 35/2 Grand final winners
1998 35/2 runners up, U13/2 runners up, U11 Gala day winners
1999 U6 Gala day winners
2000 35/2 Runners up
2001 Club Championship winners,U10/5 Premiers &  35/2,35/3 Premiers & finals series winners, U12/3 runners up
2002 U12/5 Premiers, U7 Gala day winners, Club compete in 35/1
2003 U10/6 Premiers, U7 Gala day winners& (35/1 defeat Premiers Chatswood Rgrs at Castle Cove)
2004 U10/5 Premiers, U10/7 runners up, U6 Gala day winners & (35/1 relegated)
2005 U10/4 runners up, First year AA
2006 U12/4 Premiers, First year WO30s
2007 U10/5 Premiers, U7 A/B Gala Day winners
2008 U11/7 runners up, WO30s make semis third year running & First Year 045s
2009 Gala Day winners U6 and U12, U12/4 Premiers, U12/4 finals Runners up &
O35/5 Premiers, O45/2A Premiers, Club Champions
2010 Gala Day winners U6 and U7, M35/4AR Premiers
2011 O35/4R Runners up, U12/4 Mixed Pennant winners
2012 Gala Day winners U6 & U7, O35/4R (undefeated) Premiers and Finals winner&
WO35/2 division runners up & finals runners up,
2013 U9 winners Gala day, O35/3 and O35/3R runners up &
WO35/2 Runners up
2014 Gala Day winners U6 & U7, O35/4R (undefeated) Premiers and Finals winner&
2015 NSFA Club Champions, 35/3R  Premiers, G16 Div 3 Premiers
and WAA Div 4 - Premiers and GF winners
2016 O35/3 Runners Up, O45/2 Runners Up and Grand Final winners
2017 U12/6 Premiers, WAA/4 Runners Up
2018 U13/4 Finals Runners Up
2019 U12/6 Finals Runners Up, O45/3 Premiers, O45/3R Grand Final Runners Up
2020 O35/5 Premiers, O35/6 Runners Up
2021 As at time of Season Abandonment
U16 Super League - 2nd
WO35/4 - 1st
MO35/5 - 1st