New Insurance

NEW INSURANCE WEBSITE The new FNSW/JLT Sport Insurance website is now live and all information relating to insurance,  personal injury information, claims and forms from the NSFA is available on-line.
Please check that the Insurance link on your website goes to: 
New Insurance 
The FNSW Insurance webpage also accessible via the ‘Insurance’ link located in the footer menu of the FNSW website will also direct visitors to the new site.
INJURY CLAIM FORMS The new JLT Personal Injury claim forms on the JLT website are the only claim forms to be used or provided to any persons who are injured during season 2014. 
Futsal Clubs please note that there is a separate claim form on the site for FUTSAL claims.
CERTIFICATES OF CURRENCY The self-completing Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance is also now also available from the JLT website.
Please note that a Certificate of Currency should only be used generally for the purposes of ground and venue hire.
The provision or use of a Certificate of Currency for any activity other than normal football activities requires additional sanctioning by FNSW.
Furthermore, the Certificate of Currency only applies to activities conducted by FNSW or its Members and it cannot be used to cover the activities or events other organisations for Public Liability.
All sanctioning enquiries should be directed to myself on 02 8814 4465 or email andrewm@footballnsw.com.au