Club Contacts

Committee - 2019

    Eddy Lee - (M) 0414 629 728 EMail:

    Vice President
    Alex Gibbs EMail:

    Mark Francis Floresta - (M) 415162848 EMail:

    Katharina Nicholson EMail:

    Penny Webb EMail:

    Uniform Coordinator
    Gemma Comanos - (M) 0421525375 EMail:

Co Ordinators - 2019

    Club Coach Coordinator
    Steven Gosling EMail:

    O35 Womens Coordinator
    Cheryl Baker - (H) 0438 430 021 EMail:

    O45 Mens Coordinator
    Andrew McCallum - (H) 0417 989 640 EMail:

    O35 Mens Coordinator
    Mark Taylor - (M) 0449 195 951 EMail:

Team Managers - 2019

    U6 STORM Team Manager
    Ed Richards EMail:

    U6 THUNDER Team Manager
    Laura Brody EMail:

    U7 CYCLONES Team Manager
    Michelle Lee

    U8 ROCKETS Team Manager
    Natalie Hagarty EMail:

    U9 LIONS Team Manager
    Tracey Whitby EMail:

    U9 TIGERS Team Manager
    Gemma Comanos EMail:

    U14A Team Manager
    Brent Penfold EMail:

    M45A Team Manager
    Craig Willis EMail:

    M45A Team Asst Mngr
    Vladimir Simkin

    M356 Team Asst Mngr
    Eddy Lee EMail:

Team Coaches - 2019

    U7 CYCLONES Team Coach
    Eddy Lee EMail:

    U10 COBRAS Team Coach
    Damian Deguara EMail:

    U12A Team Coach
    Eddy Lee EMail:

    U14A Team Coach
    Steven Szafranek

    M45A Team Coach
    Andrew McCallum - (M) +61417989640 EMail:

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